'national margarita day'

National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day is an unofficial holiday created to celebrate the popular tequila-based drink. The margarita is made with tequila, triple sec, and lime with salt around the rim. The drink is loved by people all over the world.

When is National Margarita Day?

The holiday is celebrated the same day every year – February 22nd

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial – Fun Holiday

How is National Margarita Day celebrated?

How do we celebrate Margarita Day? Let us count the ways…or should we say let us count the number of different flavors of margaritas that have been created through the years. The following are just a few flavors:

  • Blackberry Grapefruit – this drink has a beautiful candy rim
  • Raspberry Rhubarb
  • Cranberry
  • Fresh Watermelon
  • Perfect Pineapple
  • Rhubarb
  • Mango Orange
  • Pomegranate

To find out how to make these amazing margaritas, you can get the recipes at mixthatdrink.com

We suggest making a variety of different types of the drink and have some friends over to celebrate the drink. Don’t like tequila or don’t drink? You can still celebrate by making a mocktail margarita or using non-alcoholic ingredients.

National Margarita Day Trivia/Facts:

  • The most common tequila-based cocktail in the United States
  • The day was created by Todd McCalla who loved margaritas so much, he wanted everyone to celebrate it

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on February 22nd:

  • George Washington – 1st President of the United States
  • Kyle MacLachlan – Actor
  • Steve Irwin – Television Personality/Deceased
  • Robert Kardashian – Lawyer
  • Ted Kennedy – U.S. Senator/Deceased
  • Drew Barry – Actress
  • Julius Erving – Famous Basketball Player

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

#margarita #tequila #perfectmargarita

February is filled with a variety of holidays including Elmo’s Birthday, Stuffed Mushroom Day,  National Wear Red Day and let us not forget World Nutella Day. We have you covered whether you are looking for a holiday in a specific month or industry – Special Days of the Month is your go-to place.


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