"national find a rainbow day"

National Find a Rainbow Day

National Find A Rainbow Day is all about searching for signs for hope and promise. A rainbow is an arch of colors that are caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. The beauty of a rainbow can be found after a rain shower.

When is National Find a Rainbow Day?

April 3rd

Type of Holiday?

Fun. Unofficial Holiday

How can you celebrate National Find a Rainbow Day?

  • wear the colors of the rainbow
  • have a party and serve different colored jello
  • look for a rainbow in the sky
  • draw a photo of a rainbow
  • read a book about rainbows

Trivia/Fun Facts about Rainbow Day:

  • A rainbow is not an object, it cannot be approached or physically touched.
  • No two people see the same rainbow, in fact even our individual eyes see slightly different rainbows. If someone appears to be standing under a rainbow you can see, they will see a different rainbow at the same angle but further away.
  • Rainbows can be seen not just in rain but also mist, spray, fog, and dew, whenever there are water drops in the air and light shining from behind at the right angle.
  • A “double rainbow” is where a second, much fainter arc can be seen outside of the primary arc. This is caused by the light reflecting twice inside the water droplets.

Celebrities who celebrate birthdays on April 3rd:

  • Marlon Brandon – Actor
  • Paris Jackson – Michael Jackson’s daughter
  • Alec Baldwin – Actor
  • Eddie Murphy – Comedian
  • Jane Goodall – Primatologist
  • Leona Lewis – Singer/Song Writer
  • Wayne Newton – Singer

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