May Holidays begin with May Day on the first of May.  The calendar for May is filled with food holidays, with Eat What You Want Day being the most interesting.  But then again isn’t every month of the year all about the food holidays?

There is Foster Care Day, Brother and Sisters Day and Nascar Day, as well.

For drinking holidays there is National HomeBrew Day, National Beverage Day and World Cocktail Day.

Let’s not forget our Nurses, Teachers, Waiters and Waitresses and show our appreciation for all of the hard work they do.

We have a calendar with all of the May Holidays listed below.  If you click on a photo – you will find out how you can celebrate the holidays, as well as trivia about the holiday, which of your favorite celebrities celebrate their birthdays on the date and Popular Social Media Hashtags you can use when tweeting or posting to Instagram for the holiday.

If there is any holiday in May that we have missed and you can’t understand why – drop us a comment and let us know.

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 Weird Holiday


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