"month of march holiday calendar"
    1International Coffee Day
International Coffee Dayhazelnut, amaretto, crumb cake....what's your favorite flavored coffee?
Homemade Cookie Day
Homemade Cookie Daychocolate chip, oatmeal, pecan or another favorite?
International Day for the ElderlyInternational Day for the Elderlycelebrating the elderly is always a good thing. World Vegetarian DayWorld Vegetarian Daymeat is so last year
2Name Your Car DayName Your Car Daydriving Miss Daisy anyone? 3Boyfriend Day
Boyfriend DayHow do you celebrate your boyfriend? Today is a day to make it extra special for him.
Techies DayTechies Dayhats off to your favorite tech
4National Frappe DayNational Frappe Day National Golf DayNational Golf Dayforeeeee...... 5World Teacher Day
World Teacher DayHave you thanked your favorite teacher today?
World Smile DayWorld Smile Daysay cheese
6 7 8 9International Beer and Pizza DayInternational Beer and Pizza Daywhat's your favorite kind of pizza? 10World Mental Health DayWorld Mental Health Dayhow are you making an effort to bring awareness to World Mental Health Day? 11National Coming Out DayNational Coming Out Daya day set aside for people to feel comfortable revealing their sexual identity National Depression Screening DayNational Depression Screening DayMental Health month is in October. National Sausage Pizza DayNational Sausage Pizza Dayyum! National Pet Obesity DayNational Pet Obesity Daybecause having a fat cat isn't healthy. 12World Arthritis DayWorld Arthritis Day
13 14 15Pregnancy & Infant Awareness DayPregnancy & Infant Awareness DayA day of remembrance for all those who lost a child 16World Food DayWorld Food Daywho doesn't love to celebrate food? Dictionary DayDictionary Daybecause every day is a good day to learn 17National Pasta Day
National Pasta Dayspaghetti, ziti, tortellini - which is your favorite?
18No Beard DayNo Beard Daydo you like a beard or no beard? Get to Know Your Customers DayGet to Know Your Customers Dayhow well do you know your customers? National Chocolate Cupcake DayNational Chocolate Cupcake Dayyum! 19Evaluate your life dayEvaluate your life daytoday is the day to begin evaluating your life....and go! National Mammography DayNational Mammography Daywhen was the last time you had your mammography? National Seafood Bisque DayNational Seafood Bisque Dayshrimp, scallops and lobster soup anyone?
20 21 22National Nut Day
National Nut Daycashew, walnut, pecan - do you have a favorite nut?
23National Boston Cream Pie DayNational Boston Cream Pie Daywhat's better than whipped cream and chocolate pudding? National Canning DayNational Canning Day National Mole DayNational Mole Dayget those funny looking moles looked at by a doctor 24National Good and Plenty DayNational Good and Plenty Daywhat's your favorite candy? National Bologna DayNational Bologna Day National Crazy DayNational Crazy Daya day set aside where people have permission to act crazy 40 Hour Work Week Day40 Hour Work Week Day United Nations Day
United Nations Daypeace and love
25International Artist DayInternational Artist Dayhonor the contribution artists make today National Greasy Food DayNational Greasy Food Daythe one day you can eat that greasy burger and celebrate! World Pasta Day
World Pasta Daywhat's your favorite pasta?
World Pizza Maker's Day
World Pizza Maker's Day
Wear Purple for Domestic Violence Awareness DayWear Purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Day
26National Pumpkin DayNational Pumpkin Daydecorate your pumpkin for Halloween to celebrate National Bandanna DayNational Bandanna Daywhat color will you be wearing? National Breadstick DayNational Breadstick Day
27American Beer Day
American Beer Daydo you have a favorite beer?
National Pit Bull Awareness DayNational Pit Bull Awareness Day National Black Cat DayNational Black Cat Daythey say if a black cat crosses you it's bad luck. Thoughts?
28National First Responders DayNational First Responders DayFirst Responders deserve to be honored National Chocolate DayNational Chocolate Daydo you have a favorite chocolate? 29National Cat DayNational Cat Daymeow!! National Internet DayNational Internet Daywhat would we do without the internet? World Psoriasis DayWorld Psoriasis Day 30National Text Your Ex DayNational Text Your Ex Day 31Halloween
Halloweentrick or treat?
National Caramel Apple DayNational Caramel Apple Day
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