"national pizza day - february 9th"

National Pizza Day National Pizza Day is a day that celebrates one of America’s favorite foods, besides hotdogs of course, a flat, usually, round baked dough covered with sauce, cheese and sometimes meatballs, sausage, mushrooms or anchovies. This is a holiday where people can enjoy one of the most popularRead More →

"national inventor's day"

National Inventors’ Day National Inventor’s Day is a day set aside to remember great inventors. February 11th is Thomas Edison’s birthday, so it is only fitting we celebrate National Inventor’s Day.  Not only do we celebrate the inventors, but the spirit of innovation that inspires their creations. When is National Inventors’Read More →

"singles awareness day"

Singles Awareness Day Singles Awareness Day is considered a humorous holiday that provides single people with an alternative to Valentine’s Day festivities. Some people consider Singles Awareness Day (sometimes shortened to S.A.D.) as the anti-Valentine’s Day and celebrate it on Feb. 14th, but others recognize Feb.15 as the official holiday.Read More →