"brothers and sisters day"

Brothers and Sisters Day

Brothers and Sisters day is a day set aside to appreciate your siblings. If you don’t have siblings, just act like a brother or sister by being nice to someone you like. Brothers and Sisters Day is very similar to National Siblings Day but celebrated on a different date. We have searched high and low to see the difference between the two days and can’t seem to find out how the two dates are different.

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial Holiday

When is Brothers and Sisters Day?

Annually on May 2nd.

How to Celebrate Brothers and Sisters Day

  • Share photos of your brothers and sisters on Facebook
  • Let your siblings know you care about them
  • Have a family dinner in honor of the special day
  • Give your sibling a call
  • Go visit your sibling and give them a hug
  • Send your brother or sister an e-mail or even mail them a card or a small present

Facts/Trivia about Brothers and Sisters Day:

  • 89% of Americans have a brother or sister
  • 35% of Americans would rather be the older sibling
  • 10%of Americans say they are best friends with their brother(s)/sister(s)
  • 8% of Americans have physically fought with their sibling(s), drawing blood or leaving marks
  • 5% of Americans regularly hang out with their brother(s)/sister(s) and share the same friend group

Celebrities who Celebrate their Birthday on May 2nd:

  • Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, daughter of Prince William
  • Sarah Hughes – American figure skater
  • Lily Allen – Singer, Songwriter
  • The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) – Actor/Former Wrestler

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