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Looking for a special day to celebrate? Want to know your favorite celebrity’s birthday? Trivia about a special day? We have everything you would ever want to know about these special holidays.  Take a look around and if you have any suggestions – please feel free to contact us.

          1Pig Day
Pig Dayoink, oink...pigs get a bad rap
National Peanut MonthNational Peanut Montha whole month to celebrate the peanut....yum! Caffeine Awareness Month
Caffeine Awareness MonthThe entire month has been dedicated to making people be aware of caffeine and its effects on people.
Peanut Butter Lover's Day
Peanut Butter Lover's Daypeanut butter and chocolate anyone?
2Employee Appreciation Day
Employee Appreciation Dayshow your employees you care - buy them lunch.
Dr. Seuss Day
Dr. Seuss DayHappy Birthday Dr. Seuss
Banana Cream Pie DayBanana Cream Pie Daydelicious!
3Caregiver Appreciation Day
Caregiver Appreciation Daycaregivers really do deserve appreciation. It takes someone really special to care for others.
I want you to be happy
I want you to be happyDon't worry...be happy!
Cold Cuts Day
Cold Cuts Dayham, turkey or roast beef. Which is your favorite?
World Wildlife Day
World Wildlife Daynot to be confused with International Wildlife Day
4Pound Cake DayPound Cake Dayit's a type of cake....not a pound of cake (one can wish). Grammar Day
Grammar Daytheir vs. they're vs. there?
5Cheese Doodle Day
Cheese Doodle Daybaked or fried?
Mobile Food Vendors DayMobile Food Vendors Daywhat's your favorite food to get from a mobile truck?
6Frozen Food Day
Frozen Food Dayfrozen food has become so popular it deserves to be celebrated
Dentist's Day
Dentist's DayCall the dentist and make an appointment in honor of this special day
White Chocolate Cheesecake DayWhite Chocolate Cheesecake Dayyum!
7Cereal Day
Cereal Daythis is a great excuse to eat Lucky Charms all day
8International Women's Day
International Women's DayCelebrate women everywhere!!
Be Nasty Day
Be Nasty DayIf being nasty means being intelligent and hard working - we are in!
Peanut Cluster DayPeanut Cluster Day
9Meatball Day
Meatball DayShare your favorite meatball recipe
Panic Day
Panic Daycelebrating panic and anxiety? We'll take a pass.
Crabmeat DayCrabmeat Day
10Pack your own lunch day
Pack your own lunch dayWill it be tuna fish, turkey or ham?
Blueberry Popover DayBlueberry Popover Day
11Poultry Day
Poultry Day
Eat Your Noodles DayEat Your Noodles Dayno leftovers today. Oatmeal Nut Waffles DayOatmeal Nut Waffles Day
12Plant a Flower Day
Plant a Flower DayWill it be sunflowers, marigolds or roses?
National Baked Scallops DayNational Baked Scallops Day
13Jewel Day
Jewel Daydiamonds, rubies, emeralds......
National Coconut Torte DayNational Coconut Torte Daybecause what other kind of torte would you want?
14Pi Day
Pi DayPi = 3.14159265 or you can have a piece of pie.
Potato Chip Day
Potato Chip Daywith ridges or without?
15National Peanut Lovers DayNational Peanut Lovers Day World Sleep Day
World Sleep Daya guiltless day of sleeping
16National Artichoke Heart DayNational Artichoke Heart Day
17St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Daybeer, cabbage & corned beef are a great way to celebrate this holiday.
18Awkward Moments Day
Awkward Moments DayCome on...you know we all have them
National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie DayNational Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day
19Chocolate Caramel Day
Chocolate Caramel DayRolos? Twix? Which is your favorite?
Certified Nurses Day
Certified Nurses DayThank a nurse!
National Poultry DayNational Poultry Dayno choice between chicken or fish today. It's just chicken.
20Proposal Day
Proposal DayWill you marry me?
International Earth Day
International Earth Daynot to be confused with the holiday celebrated on April 22nd
21Fragrance Day
Fragrance Daywhat's that smell??
World Poetry Day
World Poetry Daywho is your favorite poet
International Day of ForestsInternational Day of Forestslet's focus on the importance of trees National French Bread DayNational French Bread Dayfrench bread is also referred to as a baguette World Down Syndrome DayWorld Down Syndrome Daypeople with Down syndrome and those who live and work with them participate in activities and events to raise public awareness National Teenager DayNational Teenager Dayteens already believe the world revolves around them - so why not set a day aside to celebrate them? National Single Parent DayNational Single Parent DayThis day was created to honor and recognize the hard work, devotion and sacrifices of single parenting. Raising children can be challenging. National Common Courtesy DayNational Common Courtesy DayThis day brings awareness to how important common courtesy is in our lives Mother's DayMother's DayHonor your mother on this day!
22Goof Off Day
Goof Off Dayspend a lot of today relaxing....it's a holiday
World Water DayWorld Water DayWorld Water Day is about focusing attention on the importance of water. National Sing Out DayNational Sing Out Dayit's finally okay to sing out loud - with pride.
23Puppy Day
Puppy DayAdopt don't Shop!
National Chip and Dip DayNational Chip and Dip Daywho doesn't love chips and dip? what's your favorite combo? National Melba Toast DayNational Melba Toast Daywhat do you eat on your melba toast? World Meteorologic DayWorld Meteorologic DayEstablished in 1950 to remember the World Meteorological Organization's establishment. Cuddly Kitten DayCuddly Kitten Dayjealous of National Puppy Day - cuddly kitten day was created (not really).
24Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
Chocolate Covered Raisin DayRaisinettes anyone?
March for Our Lives
March for Our Livesa demonstration for gun control
25Waffle Day
Waffle Daydo you eat your waffles with ice cream or fried chicken?
26National Spinach DayNational Spinach Daythere are hundreds of ways to enjoy spinach - how will you be cooking your spinach today? Purple DayPurple Daysupporting epilepsy around the world 27Joe Day
Joe DayWhether you know a joe or it's just a cup of joe - let's celebrate
National Spanish Paella DayNational Spanish Paella DayA rice dish from Spain that tastes amazing! World Theater DayWorld Theater DayIt was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute
28Eat an Eskimo Pie DayEat an Eskimo Pie Daywho needs an excuse to eat an eskimo pie? Not us. Children's Picture Book DayChildren's Picture Book Daywho doesn't love a good children's picture book? what is your favorite? National Hot Tub DayNational Hot Tub DayLooking for an excuse to party? Grab a cocktail, a bathing suit (or not) and hop into the nearest hot tub. National Black Forest Cake DayNational Black Forest Cake Dayyum! yum! National Weed DayNational Weed Daythere are actual benefits to weeds (not that kind of weed) in the garden. 29National Lemon Chiffon Cake DayNational Lemon Chiffon Cake Daya nice refreshing spring dessert National Smoke and Mirror DayNational Smoke and Mirror Daya little magic never hurt anyone Take a walk in the park dayTake a walk in the park dayAfter a long busy day, a nice way to relax is a leisurely walk in the park 30National Doctor's DayNational Doctor's Daythank your favorite doctor. World Bipolar DayWorld Bipolar DayWorld Bipolar Day is designed to raise awareness worldwide of bipolar conditions and to work to eliminate the social stigma
31Eiffel Tower Day
Eiffel Tower Daylocated in the romantic city of Paris
National Crayon Day
National Crayon DayDo you know the most popular crayon color? Click to find out.
National Tater DayNational Tater Dayanother version of french fries - but only better World Backup DayWorld Backup Daydon't forget to backup all your data.
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