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Looking for a special day to celebrate? Want to know your favorite celebrity’s birthday? Trivia about a special day? We have everything you would ever want to know about these special holidays.  Take a look around and if you have any suggestions – please feel free to contact us.

      1May Day
May Day
National Loyalty DayNational Loyalty Daytoday is the day to prove your loyalty to the U.S.
2Brothers and Sisters Day
Brothers and Sisters Daylet your brother or sister (or both) know you are thinking about them.
National Fire DayNational Fire Day National Truffle Day
National Truffle Daychocolate ganash anyone?
National Life Insurance DayNational Life Insurance Daymake sure your life insurance is up to date today. National Life Insurance Day, May 2National Life Insurance Day, May 2the first day life insurance became available in the U.S. World Password Day, May 2World Password Day, May 2created to raise awareness about the importance for good passwords.
3Raspberry Popover DayRaspberry Popover DayHave you ever had a raspberry popover? Sun DaySun Daya day set aside to recognize the importance of solar power National Paranormal DayNational Paranormal DayPeople who believe in paranormal activities are encouraged to get together and share their experiences with each other Two Different Colored Shoes DayTwo Different Colored Shoes DayBecause who doesn't want to wear two colored shoes once in a while. 4National Candied Orange Peel DayNational Candied Orange Peel Daywe never heard of it either Star Wars Day
Star Wars Day"May the fourth be with you."
5Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de MayoMargarita or beer - how will you be celebrating?
National Enchilada DayNational Enchilada Dayit's only fitting enchilada day is celebrated on Cinco De Mayo
6National Nurses Day
National Nurses Dayshow a nurse you care - send her flowers.
National Beverage Day
National Beverage Daywhat is your drink of choice?
Crepe Suzette DayCrepe Suzette Day
7Roast Leg of Lamb DayRoast Leg of Lamb Day 8National Coconut Cream Pie DayNational Coconut Cream Pie Daydo you have a favorite pie? 9National Sleepover Day
National Sleepover Dayinvite some friends over for a sleepover and have some fun!
National Shrimp DayNational Shrimp Dayour favorite seafood - what's yours? National Foodies DayNational Foodies Daya celebration of good food Butterscotch Brownie DayButterscotch Brownie Daynot your average chocolate brownie
10 11Eat what you want day
Eat what you want daywhat will you be eating - nachos, ice cream, pizza?
National Liver and Onions DayNational Liver and Onions Daya day reserved for one of the least favorite meals out there?
12National Nutty Fudge DayNational Nutty Fudge Dayany kind of fudge is okay with us 13National Apple Pie DayNational Apple Pie Daywho doesn't love a good old fashioned apple pie Fruit Cocktail DayFruit Cocktail Daysome fruit cocktail with your apple pie? National Hummus DayNational Hummus Daydo you take your hummus plain or do you have a favorite flavor - roasted red pepper anyone? World Cocktail Day
World Cocktail DayDrink anyone?
14Buttermilk Biscuit DayButtermilk Biscuit Daybecause who would want a biscuit that wasn't made from buttermilk? 15Chocolate Chip DayChocolate Chip Daybecause who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies? 16Barbecue DayBarbecue Daydo you like barbecued chicken, steak or shrimp? 17Cherry Cobbler DayCherry Cobbler Daydo you like cherry cobbler? or do you prefer apple pie? 18Cheese Souffle DayCheese Souffle Dayany kind of souffle is delicious I love Reese’s DayI love Reese’s DayReese's Peanut Buttercup anyone? Museum Day
Museum DayInternational Museum Day (IMD) is celebrated to raise awareness about the key role that museums play in the development of our societies.
19Devil’s Food Cake DayDevil’s Food Cake Daylike a devil dog but it's a cake 20Quiche Lorraine DayQuiche Lorraine Daybacon, onion and cheese in a pie crust Pick Strawberries DayPick Strawberries DayStrawberry picking is always fun 21Strawberries and Cream DayStrawberries and Cream Dayanother reason you should have gone strawberry picking yesterday Waiter and Waitresses Day
Waiter and Waitresses Dayremember your waiter or waitress today.
22Vanilla Pudding DayVanilla Pudding Day 23Taffy DayTaffy Daydo you have a favorite flavored taffy? Lucky Penny Day
Lucky Penny Day"See a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck."
24Escargot DayEscargot Dayconsidered a delicacy. 25Brown-Bag-It DayBrown-Bag-It Daybecause who doesn't love to bring a homemade sandwich to work or school? Wine DayWine Daymakes for a great girls night out Wine Day
Wine Daywill that be red or white?
Missing Children's Day
Missing Children's Day
26Blueberry Cheesecake DayBlueberry Cheesecake Dayany kind of cheesecake is fine with us Cherry Dessert DayCherry Dessert Day 27Italian Beef DayItalian Beef DayRoasted beef that is tender, lean, low in fat, and spiced just right with special seasonings, served in its own natural gravy on Italian bread Grape Popsicle DayGrape Popsicle Daywe prefer cherry popsicles - what about you? 28Memorial Day
Memorial Daymemorial day is the kickoff of memorial day weekend
29Biscuit DayBiscuit Daydifferent than buttermilk biscuit day 30Mint Julep DayMint Julep DayThe mint julep is a mixed alcoholic drink, consisting primarily of bourbon, water, crushed or shaved ice, and fresh mint. Water a Flower Day
Water a Flower Daya special day has been set aside to remind you of how important it is to water your flowers
31Macaroon DayMacaroon DayA macaroon is typically made from ground almonds, coconut, and/or other nuts or even potato, with sugar and sometimes flavorings, food coloring, glace cherries, jam and/or a chocolate coating.  
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